PRATGLAD Satellite + Powerline Bundle

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PRATGLAD Satellite + Powerline Bundle

PRATGLAD Satellite is used in a multi room installation together with one PRATGLAD Base.


The size of PRATGLAD is 81×81 mm, 46 mm deep. It is surface mounted, but it is possible to flush mount (ask us how).

PRATGLAD Satellite is used in a multi room installation together with one mandatory PRATGLAD Base.

PRATGLAD Base and PRATGLAD Satellite are connected and powered via an Ethernet cable. The other end of the cable must be connected to a PoE switch. The PoE switch is in turn connected to a (home) router. The advantage is that one cable can pass electric power along with data. This means that a single cable provides both data connection and electric power.

Some words on the voice input: Our solution includes an embedded ARM Cortex 32-bit microcontroller plus 2 digital microphones working frontier for voice input.
The core of the solution is running with DSP (digital signal processor) hardware divider & FPU (floating point unit) up to 200MHz.
It also features the BF (Beam forming) and NR (Noise reduction) for its voice input processing.
The voice processing algorithm detects the main voice source from either microphone and filter the rest as background noises automatically.
The unique algorithm also creates a powerful voice pick-up range up to 10 meters which can help users to activate the voice assistant device easily.

1. Instant response to wake-up command (BF)
2. Far voice pick-up range
3. Reduction background noises (NR)
4. Compact design with 2-mic solution


  • 1200Mbit Powerline Bridge IEEE1901 & Homeplug AV with PoE compliant IEEE802,3at max. 30W
  • down compatible to 200Mbps Homeplug AV
  • provide 128bit AES PLC encryption
  • 10/100/1000Mbit Base-TX network interface

PoE devices can easily be taken along in the next room/area – Place of installation at a distance of up to 100 metres from the nearest socket – Compatible standard: IEEE802.3at – Simply insert in the socket, then connect device. – Combines PoE and Powerline technology

NOTE: The transit of the signal may be disturbed by some connected devices on the network such as TV monitors. Always connect the Powerline units in the same phase as the electricity network.