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Smart Speakers for Hue, Trådfri and SONOS

Control your Lights – SYMFONISK – Blinds


What’s said at home stays at home

We know how hard it is to find a smart-home automation system that keeps what you say private. 

PRATGLAD is the first offline voice controlled smart-home assistant that gives you complete offline voice control for SONOS, Hue and Trådfri Home Automation products.   

PRATGLAD boosts the number of useful tasks your Trådfri Gateway can do.

PRATGLAD never records or transmits anything you say. Voice recognition runs entirely on the device.

Your privacy is guaranteed

pratglad is here

See how easy it is to use PRATGLAD !

Award winning innovation
“Best Product 2020”


PRATGLAD is unique. You keep your home life private while using a smart assistant to make your life more comfortable.

PRATGLAD obeys your voice to control your lights, blinds, and SYMFONISK speakers.

PRATGLAD keeps your hands (virus) free.