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Pratglad and Tryckglad

PRATGLAD is now proficient in three languages

ProKNX announces that PRATGLAD, their innovative offline voice control system for smart-homes and offices, has achieved another world-first in the voice control market by being available in three languages.

Earlier this year, ProKNX, an award-winning start-up based in the South of France, successfully launched PRATGLAD. PRATGLAD is an innovative, offline voice-controlled smart-home assistant. They have recently announced that the assistant now works in three different languages: English, French, and German.

Christian Kiefel, CEO of ProKNX, stated that the company rates the addition of these European languages to the voice assistant to be of extremely important. “We ourselves, are an extremely international company, with members coming here from all corners of the world. Our company, based in France, consists of Swedish, German, French, American, and Malaysian staff. In addition, we even have one colleague all the way from New Zealand working for us. We believe that our product needs to reflect the international flavour of our work environment. Even more importantly, it should reflect the international nature of the European Union.” 

Why is PRATGLAD unique?

PRATGLAD is unique in the European smart-home automation sector. It runs entirely offline.  No data is recorded or transmitted to the cloud in order for it to function. By using machine learning and ‘Natural Language Understanding’ the vocal assistant can carry out a large variety of commands said in thousands of different ways.  Consequently, PRATGLAD stands out from other smart-home assistants, as all speech remains completely private. This includes even direct commands given to the device.

PRATGLAD is an inexpensive plug-and-play device, with an extremely simple set-up. Users of Trådfri products can use PRATGLAD to control all their smart lights and blinds, and SONOS speakers just with their voice. As a result, there is no need to use a remote control, app, or tablet. As it is so user-friendly, it gives users the freedom to purchase and install the product by themselves. 

The cost of the device puts it well within the reach of many people.  In summary, PRATGLAD is unlike many other smart home assistants on the market today. A special point to note is that it is individually customizable by the buyer.  The consumer chooses their preferred language at time of purchase.