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Offline Voice Control for SONOS and TRÅDFRI

Control your Lights – SYMFONISK – Blinds


What’s said at home stays at home

PRATGLAD is the first offline voice control system for SONOS and Trådfri Home Automation that gives you complete offline voice control over already present commands (lights, blinds and SYMFONISK speakers). Firstly, this smart-home assistant remarkably augments the capacity of your Trådfri Gateway with a large range of innovative, useful functions.  Coupled with this capacity, voice recognition runs entirely on the device – nothing is transmitted or recorded.

Your privacy is guaranteed

See how easy it is to use PRATGLAD !

More videos here

Award winning innovation “Best Product 2020”

PRATGLAD stands out from other home automation systems on the market. In short, it allows you to have all the comforts of a voice control assistant without giving up any of your privacy.

Your home obeys your voice, and subsequently, the assistant helps you handle your everyday tasks. In addition, it keeps your hands (virus) free.

Dedication To Sustainability

The PRATGLAD offline voice control assistant has no need for an Internet connection, therefore reduces your carbon footprint, saves you energy costs, and limits data consumption. As a result, you can have the convenience of a voice control system while helping the world to limit climate change.

Above all, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability and lowering consumption by offering high quality, durable products. Thus, with this in mind, for the first five years of its use, we pledge to repair any PRATGLAD device in the unlikely event of a technical issue. 

No data is collected

PRATGLAD respects your privacy

We know that online voice assistants are a huge asset in helping us in our daily life. Generally, one of the biggest concerns with letting one into your home until now has been the privacy you give up when using a cloud-based assistant. Together with this concern that your information is being recorded, another serious issue with the online assistants on the market up to now has been their dependency on having a working Internet connection. Furthermore, with these voice assistants, the complexity of setting up accounts and applications, plus the technical skills needed to make them function has been daunting.

In the development of PRATGLAD, the first offline Voice Control assistant for  SONOS and IKEA TRÅDFRI, we have thought long and hard about these stumbling blocks. In consequence, with you in mind, we have taken another path – primarily, to develop an offline voice control system for Home Automation that runs completely on the device and is designed with Privacy and robustness as its main focus. Hence, PRATGLAD was conceived and developed. Since PRATGLAD works offline, nothing is recorded or stored. Therefore, there is no data that needs to be transmitted to the cloud.

Your privacy is guaranteed


Your choice depends on your desires and needs

PRATGLAD is an offline voice control base unit that can be used in a single room, or multi-room installation. However, for multi-room control, it should preferably be used together with a PRATGLAD Satellite.

PRATGLAD contains functions that enable the set up of the IKEA Trådfri Gateway. Additionally, it allows configuration of online or offline spoken feedback services, microphone sensitivity settings, speaker volume, and troubleshooting. This core unit works completely offline.  In brief, it provides all the essential functions of a voice controlled automation system, while allowing the user complete privacy.

In addition, PRATGLAD comes with a web browser based HTML Graphical user interface, and a remote control via the Telegram Chat application.

PRATGLAD Satellite is used in a multi room installation together with a PRATGLAD base. 

The PRATGLAD offline voice control assistant is now available for sale in our on-line store. The long awaited release of PRATGLAD Satellite will take place in the second half of 2020.  In the meantime, pre-order your satellite now, or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on product release dates.

PRATGLAD for Office

What’s said at work, stays at work

PRATGLAD automation is here to simplify life, increase comfort, and save energy. Until recently, appliance control was limited to needing to physically use switches, or apps and tablets to activate devices. However, this is generally not an optimal solution for streamlining actions needed to create the right environment. As a rule, being able to use offline, touch-free Voice Control is seen as a better and far more convenient way to manipulate your surroundings and create the perfect ambiance. 

With only one voice command you can effortlessly change the brightness of your lighting, or make sure that you are saving energy by turning off all the lights. In summary, when you walk out the door, one command does everything for you. Most importantly, it keeps your hands (virus) free.  For the office environment, PRATGLAD units are already available.  The specialized solution of PRATGLAD for Office is under development, and will be able to be deployed in the near future.

Keeps your hands (virus) free

Contact free – Touch free

When using voice control automation it can be tiresome to have to use certain key words to activate or deactivate devices, such as lights.  PRATGLAD has overcome this issue. As a result, the vocabulary of the system is extremely varied, therefore commands can be said in a thousand different ways. Subsequently, we firmly believe that our system is stronger than any other cloud-based offerings from the home automation sector. In comparison to other systems on the market, our product is a superior alternative, because we also offer the possibility of individual customization.

In conclusion, not only is the PRATGLAD offline voice control assistant powerful and discreet because it does not need Internet connection to run, it has also been designed to be invisible in a room. Accordingly, it measures only 77 mm and therefore fits unobtrusively into the decor.

Sometimes, when voice control is not an option.

You can also communicate silently with Trådfri via a web browser and chat app.

The size of PRATGLAD is 77 mm, 40 mm deep. It is surface mounted but can be flush mounted (ask us how). The PRATGLAD Base can be used in a multi room installation together with optional PRATGLAD Satellites.

PRATGLAD understands and speaks English, French and German.

TRÅDFRI = Wireless
PRATGLAD = Chatty[expander_maker id=”2″ more=”Read more..” less=”Less”]

The housing is made of DUROPLAST (scratch-proof) glossy with integrated frame and non-flammable ground plate.

Some words on the voice input: Our solution includes an embedded ARM Cortex 32-bit microcontroller plus 2 digital microphones working frontier for voice input.
The core of the solution is running with DSP (digital signal processor) hardware divider & FPU (floating point unit) up to 200MHz.
In addition, it features the BF (Beamforming) and NR (Noise reduction) for its voice input processing.
The voice processing algorithm detects the main voice source from either microphone and filter the rest as background noises automatically.
Together with this, the unique algorithm also creates a powerful voice pick-up range up to 10 meters which can help users to activate the voice assistant device easily.

1. Instant response to wake-up command (BF)
2. Far voice pick-up range
3. Reduction background noises (NR)
4. Compact design with 2-mic solution


Sample of Voice control commands

Super Scenes

– I'm home (see Super Scenes)

– I'm leaving (see Super Scenes)

– Good night (see Super Scenes)

– Good morning (see Super Scenes)


Scenes using IKEA app

– Focus

– Everyday

– Relax

– Cosy

– Razzle Dazzle


– lights on

– dim the lights

– brighten the lights in the bedroom

– set ceiling to 50%

– it's too dark in here

– turn off all lights in here

– switch on TÄLLBYN

– brighten FLOALT


– play music

– stop the music everywhere

– mute the bedroom

– unmute kitchen SONOS

– pause SYMFONISK in the bedroom

– I'm on the phone

– I've hung up

– it's too loud

– I can't hear the music

– set the loudness to 15%

– louder in the office


– blinds up

– open the blinds

– set the blinds to 50 percent open

– blinds down

– open the bedroom blind to 60 percent

– open KADRILJ

– let the sunshine in

Is that all?

Of course not ! In addition, we have prepared thousands of training examples in each language. Also, with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PRATGLAD understands you! The NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is as sophisticated as that used by popular on-line services.

The difference is that everything runs on the PRATGLAD and nothing leaves the room.

“What's said at home stays at home!”

Plug-and-Play Installation

Installing PRATGLAD is effortless. It takes only a few minutes and requires no special knowledge. The only step needed is to connect the combined power and network cable (Power-over-Ethernet). Soon, after just a few minutes your system will be ready to use, with everything configured automatically. Therefore, you will not lose valuable time attempting to configure the system. Lastly, you will not have to create online cloud accounts, install applications, or program in new skills to make it work.

It’s as simple as that!

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Set-up your IKEA Trådfri

(buy separately from IKEA)

Set up your IKEA Trådfri gateway and one or more Trådfri bulbs. To use Trådfri with PRATGLAD, one Trådfri Gateway is mandatory. Please follow the instructions from IKEA.

How to install TRÅDFRI gateway kit:

Note: in order to be able to control your devices by voice, you must assign proper room and device names. Do this from the IKEA Home Smart app on your phone or tablet.



To install PRATGLAD, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the PoE Injector (see video) to the same router as the Trådfri Gateway. Available in our shop.
  2. Connect the PRATGLAD network cable to the PoE Injector.
  3. Wait for PRATGLAD to start up. this will take approximately two minutes.
  4. Find the PRATGLAD web browser application, e.g. by using:
  5. Enter the Tradfri Security code in PRATGLAD application.
  6. Wait a minute – READY.

Say 'Hey Snips,  lights on!'

'Hey Snips' is the wake-word,

'lights on' is the command.

Use a short delay, 1 sec, between the wake-word and the command.

As you add more lights and blinds they will be available automatically. Remember to name the rooms and devices properly in the Home Smart Trådfri app.

What is PoE, Power over Ethernet:

What is a PoE Injector: