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PRATGLAD features

On-device voice recognition

  • no cloud services involved
  • private by design
  • nothing is recorded or saved
  • ideal for home, offices, and hotels where privacy is required


  • English
  • German
  • French

Automation installation and ease of use

  • Entering the Tradfri security code starts the automatic install
  • Devices and rooms are discovered automatically
  • PRATGLAD is automatically updated with all relevant configuration done in the IKEA Gateway
  •  PRATGLAD can be taught to understand non-standard names for lights e.g. ‘FLOALT’ instead of ‘ceiling’
  • Rapid vs Thoughtful reaction: PRATGLAD can be adapted to understand and react at different speeds to faster or slower speech. An essential feature for non-native language speakers, the elderly, and beginners to voice control.


  • Physically small device  81×81 mm, 46 mm deep
  • Approximately same size as Alexa, GH mini
  • Can be flush mounted (in a wall box)
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Power Over Ethernet a coming technology: solid & stable


  • ProKNX has full control of the Voice software from the lowest level to final action
  • We are completely independent, therefore fully able to tailor our innovation, and personalize our customer support
  • Due to our size we can fast track ideas to implementation
  • ProKNX has  innovative solutions e.g. coming features “Automation by Voice”

Innovative and unique features

  • Vocal Automating  users can customize behavior of commonly used commands e.g. I’m Home > turn on certain lights/music in chosen rooms depending on time of day. Simple to set up:  (voice) commands are typed in and the active time period is selected
  • Help call – if user says “Help, I’ve fallen”, PRATGLAD INNOVATOR can be configured to notify caregiver.
  • PRATGLAD ANYWHERE – remote access with Privacy. Using the secure and privacy oriented chat application “Telegram”.  Use habitual (voice) commands through your mobile phone.
  • Rapid or Thoughtful –  PRATGLAD’s response time can be changed to suit you if needed e.g. if you are new to voice control, or you simply prefer to speak more slowly. Choose between five different PRATGLAD ‘thoughtfulness’ levels from rapid but impatient to  patient but slower to react.

Environmentally sustainable

  • Works completely offline – reduces carbon footprint. As a comparison: Alexa can use up to 108 GB/year. This corresponds to 54 kWh and 16 kg CO2 wasted in unnecessary communication.
  • High quality, durable products – in the first five years after sale, ProKNX pledges to repair any PRATGLAD device in the unlikely event of a technical issue