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PRATGLAD for Office

What’s said at work, stays at work

PRATGLAD automation is here to simplify life, increase comfort, and save energy. 

PRATGLAD helps you create the perfect office ambiance by using touch-free voice control

With one voice command, PRATGLAD turns on the office lights and open the blinds. The last one to leave for the day turns everything off with one order.

PRATGLAD keeps your hands, and those of your co-workers, (virus) free

Contact us for your specialized PRATGLAD for Office solution.

Keeps your hands (virus) free

Contact free – Touch free

PRATGLAD can understand commands said in a thousand different ways. It does not need an Internet connection to work.

This makes PRATGLAD more flexible than any other cloud-based home automation assistant. 

PRATGLAD can also be customized to suit you and your needs.

PRATGLAD  is designed to be invisible in a room.