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TRYCKGLAD Frames: A simple solution for a remote problem

The commonplace call of the evening sounds out in the darkness of the living-room: “Where’s the remote control for the lights been put this time?”. A resounding chorus from all over the house shouts back loudly that it wasn’t them […]


Offline voice control on trial: what can PRATGLAD do?

ProKNX would like to introduce you to Frank-Oliver Grün, the well-respected technology blogger of the German language site DigitalZimmer. He recently tested our new PRATGLAD smart assistant that works with offline voice control, and wrote an in-depth review of his […]

Pratglad and Tryckglad

PRATGLAD is now proficient in three languages

ProKNX announces that PRATGLAD, their innovative offline voice control system for smart-homes and offices, has achieved another world-first in the voice control market by being available in three languages. Earlier this year, ProKNX, an award-winning start-up based in the South […]

PRATGLAD in the living room

PRATGLAD in the Press

Find all the articles published about PRATGLAD in various articles and newspapers here.


Everyone’s talking about PRATGLAD in the news

PRATGLAD launch announced by ProKNX, its innovative fully offline voice controlled smart home assistant PRATGLAD by ProKNX is a world-first offline voice control system for smart homes. It performs all the actions of a familiar home automation assistant without compromising […]

inventions change family dynamics

A simple invention that remarkably changed family dynamics

A humble invention that changed the way we relate to our family Innovation does not only change how people interact with their environment, but can also alter routine behaviours. This change even extends to how the family unit interacts with […]