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Sample of Voice control commands

Super Scenes

– I'm home (see Super Scenes)

– I'm leaving (see Super Scenes)

– Good night (see Super Scenes)

– Good morning (see Super Scenes)

Scenes using IKEA app

– Focus

– Everyday

– Relax

– Cosy

– Razzle Dazzle


– lights on

– dim the lights

– brighten the lights in the bedroom

– set ceiling to 50%

– it's too dark in here

– turn off all lights in here

– switch on TÄLLBYN

– brighten FLOALT


– play “Funky Jazz”

– play something

– it's too loud

– play louder

– stop the music everywhere

– mute the bedroom

– unmute kitchen SONOS

– pause SYMFONISK in the bedroom

– set the loudness to 15%

– louder in the office


– blinds up

– open the blinds

– set the blinds to 50 percent open

– blinds down

– open the bedroom blind to 60 percent

– open KADRILJ

– let the sunshine in

Is that all?

Of course not ! In addition, we have prepared thousands of training examples in each language. Also, with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PRATGLAD understands you! The NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is as sophisticated as that used by popular on-line services.

The difference is that everything runs on the PRATGLAD and nothing leaves the room.

What’s said at home stays at home!