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TRYCKGLAD Frames: A simple solution for a remote problem

The commonplace call of the evening sounds out in the darkness of the living-room: “Where’s the remote control for the lights been put this time?”. A resounding chorus from all over the house shouts back loudly that it wasn’t them and that they never touched the remote. Accusations fly, and grumpiness abounds until, lo-and-behold, the remote control is found under a couch cushion. A Logitech study was carried out on the where lost remote controls show up. They discovered that about 50% of the time, under the couch cushions is indeed where you can find it. A slightly disturbing result from the same study found that 4% of remote controls are found in the fridge or freezer. So if you cannot find it under the cushions, try the fridge next!

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. A Lost and Found survey done by Pixie Technology showed that the average American spends 2.5 days of each year looking for lost items, and not only that, the United States as a nation spends a huge $2.7 billion replacing lost items each year!

Own IKEA smart-home lights and blinds? Read on!

If you own IKEA smart-home lights, this may be an event that occurs far too often. It is already difficult to keep track of the various remote controls needed to make your television, stereo system, air conditioner, and other appliances work. Think also of the number of times you have to think about where you last put down your cellphone. Adding another remote control or two to the mix increases the probability of losing even more essential control gadgets. The IKEA remote controls are small, therefore lost even more readily than larger ones. They are not used often as you can control your smart products using your phone. They are, however, necessary for any changes you make to your scenes or lighting and blind configuration. Without the remote control you run into difficulties. What can you do to solve this?

Here is a simple solution for your remote problem

ProKNX, the maker of PRATGLAD, has developed a simple solution so that you will never misplace your IKEA TRÅDFRI remote controls again! Starting with beautiful, high-quality frames from Jung, the company has developed them especially to hold IKEA smart-home remote controls.

Red Glass Wall Switch

Red Glass Wall Switch

The special frames, called TRYCKGLAD, are easily mounted on any wall in your home. Your TRADFRI remote is clicked into place using an innovative magnetic system. No screws are needed. The frames are a standard size, so can be placed in a pre-existing space made for a classic wall-switch.

TRYCKGLAD frames come in a range of sophisticated colours. You have a varied choice to fit the decor of your home perfectly, from cool aluminium, to lava black, to fiery red, just to name a few.

Lava Black TRYCKGLAD frame